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New Modern Options of Bathroom Faucets


 While people think of complete bathroom remodels, the first few items on their mind are the vanity, sink, toilet, and lighting. During the redesign process the faucet can often get over looked, but in the end design of it all, the faucet is a very important asset to any bathroom remodel, large or small. Whether you are doing a complete bathroom remodel or just an update on your current bathroom design, here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the right bathroom faucet for you.

New Modern Options of Bathroom Faucets
New Modern Options of Bathroom Faucets

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The first thing to think about while deciding on a new bathroom faucet is your sink. The new faucet will need to compliment your sink and be designed to work with your sink and not against it. Bathroom faucets are available in many different designs to match along with sinks, these designs include: 8 inch, 4 inch, single hole, and wall mount. Some bathroom sinks have build in faucet holes, so you should measure the distance between the 2 outer holes to determine which faucet will work for you. If you have a vessel or under mount sink, a single home faucet or wall mount faucet may be best for your needs.

After you have figured out what style of faucet works best for your needs, now is time to think about what design will work best for your needs. The 8 inch bathroom faucets are normally available in 3 pieces, the tap, and hot and cold handles. A great factor with the 3 piece faucets are that if your hole measurement is not quite 8 inches, it will still work with your sink. The 4 inch bathroom faucet designs are designed a lot like the 8 inch models, only on a smaller scale to accommodate for the space issue.

Single hole bathroom faucets feature a stem where the tap extrudes from and a single handle normally located on the top. Some single hole faucets do feature two separate handles for the hot and cold, but its still generally the same installation.

Wall mountable faucets can be found in an array of style such as a 3 piece with your tap, and hot and cold handles, 2 piece style with your tap and a separate single hot and cold handle, or a single unit with built in tap and water temperature handle. An important thing to keep in mind while installing a wall mount able faucet is that height of the people using it, you would not want to install it too high for a shorter person to be unable to reach, or too low for a taller person to have to bend down too far to access the faucet.

The next step while choosing your bathroom faucet is the look of the faucet. Faucets are now available in more styles, shapes, sizes, and finishes then ever before. It’s very important to choose the faucet that matches the styles of your bathroom to bring the entire bathroom together and flow nicely.

Another thing to remember is that it’s a good idea to match all of your bathroom fixtures finishes, like your faucet, your shower head, and tub faucet. It is also a good idea to compliment your new faucet with accessories, such as towel bars, hook, toilet paper hold, and toothbrush holder, that match the faucets finish and bathrooms style. 

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