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New Modern Bathroom Increases Your Home’s Appeal for New Generation of Home Buyers


Updating your existing bathroom with a modern bathroom vanity and sink is a quick and inexpensive way to add value to your home. Whether you are planning to sell your home or give it an upgrade; Estate agents acknowledge that this will make your home have more value and be more appealing to a new wave of younger first time homebuyers. Who are willing to spend extra in order to have a more modern home designed with a contemporary vessel sink installed on a contemporary vanity or pedestal.

To get the most value of your investment, it’s recommended you go with stone. Why the sudden popularity of stone among new home buyers? The natural handcrafted beauty of stone vessel sinks and stone pedestals add a unique and interesting flare to your bathroom that buyers will adore. It is estimated that the new generation of home buyers find the beauty of nature more appealing as being integrated into their home in the form of modern bathroom fixtures. 

A hot style right now is the waterfall faucet. One may wonder what this is, well imagine a waterfall flowing gracefully from your faucet over your hands… intriguing, inspiring, refreshing, many words can describe this fantastic invention but by experiencing it you’ll wonder why you ever used standard faucets!

Also becoming very popular amongst the new generation of home buyers is stainless steel and modern hardwood vanities which style perfectly with porcelain, stainless steel or glass vessel sinks. A vessel sink is a bowl shaped sink that sits on top of the vanity, they come in an array of designs and styles and can easily be switched out whenever you like to update your bathroom. This is very convenient, inexpensive and surprising very easy! With a vessel sink upgrade your home buyer will know he or she will not be stuck with a sink they don’t favor. They can quickly switch it out with a new one in as little as 20 minutes!

Something you may wish to consider is Fung Shui, which is the art of balancing your senses to bring about happiness in order to achieve goals. Fung Shui is evermore popular in the United States and modern homebuyers are well aware of Fung Shui. They wish to see elements of nature being incorporated into the bathroom, these are water, metal, glass and stone. Metal and glass is meant to bring about mental clarity and serenity as stone brings about a sense of peacefulness and stability. Making your bathroom Fung Shui with modern bathroom vanities and sinks is an excellent way to bring about serenity and well-being to your home. 


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