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Modern Bathroom Vanity Trends in Bathroom Design


 It is close to that time of year when people are sprucing up the home for the spring ahead. One of the hottest trends right now at ModernDanish.com is remodeling your bathroom, that may sound like a lot of work but it is much simpler than one would imagine. Chances are your flooring and walls are in good shape, if they are, you are already 80% done! The majority of what people like to see updated are the easiest to update. With a new bathroom vanity set and accompanying fixtures from ModernDanish.com, your bathroom will sparkle like new.

Bathroom vanities come in many different styles, ModernDanish.com deals primarily in modern style which includes small vanities, double vanities and single vanities and from there, there are several models and finishes to choose from such as wenge finish, natural and cherry finish. Each vanity model typical goes exceptionally well with a select choice of sinks, which is where bathroom vanity sets come in.

“So what is included in a bathroom vanity set?” is asked frequently. A set normally includes a stylish vanity paired with a matching vessel sink. Alternatively, you can select a vanity without a sink and simply choose your own sink. However, selecting a vanity set really takes the guesswork out of bathroom remodeling.

“Does it cost a lot to ship from an online store?” is another popular question. This is not true with ModernDanish.com shipping is free on all orders over one-hundred dollars unless it is freight.

“Is help available if I need it?” is also a very important question to ask. At ModernDanish.com the answer is yes, they have a product support team available to you in case you have any issue with assembly.

So now that we cleared up some of the most common issues, let us move on to what else you will need to makeover that bathroom. The second most important factor is the bathroom sink; they come in a variety of materials such as porcelain, metal, bamboo, glass and stone. The styles and sizes of these sinks vary vastly so it is important to take your time selecting the perfect bathroom sink to your liking.

Many popular upgrades also include the bathroom faucet, drain, sink riser as well as lighting, mirrors and shelves. These are also excellent items to consider how well they will match your vanity and sink selection and all found at ModernDanish.com 


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