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Eco Bathroom Sinks and Bathroom Vanities now at ModernDanish.com


For the new year ModernDanish.com has unveiled a whole new line of eco friendly bathroom sinks and vanities. In decades past trees were predominantly used for all things wood and this included bathroom vanities made from tree wood. Now we have other choices and the most viable and renewable choice is bamboo.

Eco Bathroom Sinks and Bathroom Vanities now at ModernDanish.com
Eco Bathroom Sinks and Bathroom Vanities now at ModernDanish.com

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In these times, being environmentally friendly is not only more economical but also more essential to our planet’s well being than ever before. Eco friendly bathroom vanities made from highly renewable bamboo resources, if used in more homes can help to end deforestation, preserving more forests for wild life to flourish.

When choosing a bathroom sink, many may go with glass sinks; stone or porcelain, there is a huge variety on the bathroom sinks market. However, bathroom vessel sinks are also now available in this same renewable bamboo. Unlike any of the other vessel sinks, the bamboo sinks are the only sinks that are renewable and lessen our demand on Earth’s resources. They are crafted in many styles and can be paired with a matching bamboo style faucet.

There are other things to consider when making your bathroom more environmentally friendly. You can update simple things like soap dishes to bamboo soap dishes, using lead-free bathroom faucets which are good for the environment and beneficial to your health and update mirrors to bamboo-framed mirrors. All of which are eco friendly options at ModernDanish.com 

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More information can be found online at http://www.moderndanish.com


  1. Kathy
    04/10/2012 at 04:15:39 PM
    I bought one of these bamboo sinks and I absolutely love it. Looks amazing in our bathroom. Thank you ModernDanish!

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