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Bathroom Makeovers: Where to Start


Bathroom sinks come in a wide variety of styles and materials. The sink should be the focal point of your bathroom so it is a good idea to consider this first before choosing other bathroom fixtures. Here we will explore the most popular type of bathroom sink, the vessel sink.

Glass Vessel Sinks

This type of bathroom sink is the most common and most affordable option, so if you are on a smaller budget this may be worth considering. The styles of glass bathroom vessel sinks have expanded greatly in recent years. There are simple classic styles such as round clear sinks in almost any color and more unique styles such as frosted glass sinks, artistic hand painted glass sinks, square and various shaped sinks as well… glass sinks offer the most variety in choices in terms of styles.

Stone Vessel Sinks

The stone vessel sink offers the natural beauty and strength of nature colliding with the functionality of a bathroom sink. Stone as a material offers an array of natural choices for your new bathroom vessel sink. White marble is an excellent choice to create a immaculate environment or if you’d prefer a more classic look, black granite works well. There is a whole range of natural stones to choose from such as honey onyx with its light hews of golden yellow tones that is luminous in a well-lit bathroom. There are many other stone materials to choose from such as crema marfil marble to green onyx and many others to compliment your style.

Porcelain Vessel Sinks
Porcelain has been used for centuries for its soft glossy clean look and is available in many styles to choose from making it an excellent material for bathroom sinks. Porcelain comes in several colors as well now making it a more versatile choice for your bathroom makeover.

Metal Sinks

Metal is a newer choice on the bathroom sink market coming in copper and stainless steel. Stainless steel offers a bold and modern look that will last a lifetime; it is used in Fung-Shui to bring about a sense of clarity and mental strength. For an older feel you can use copper which are sealed so they will not oxidize.

Modern Faucets
There is a huge range of new modern faucet designs on the bathroom market. Waterfall faucets are a popular style with many bathroom sinks as well as bamboo style faucets as well. The type of bathroom sink you have chosen should be taken into consideration when choosing your bathroom faucet.

Bathroom Vanities

No bathroom is complete without a bathroom vanity. Vanities come in several finishes, from light natural finish that shows the natural details of the wood; as well as dark wenge finishes and rich cherry wood finish. The styles of bathroom vanities come in traditional for a classic style as well have many modern vanities. Wall mount vanities are a popular choice, two wall mounts can be used to create double vanities for two people to use

Stone Pedestals
Bathroom pedestals made from stone are a great way to bring the natural beauty of nature indoors. The cobble stone pedestal is one such bathroom fixture that utilizes boulders in their creation process offering exceptional natural beauty. They are typically paired with a cobble stone bathroom sink to complete the cobble union of pedestal and sink. Other stone pedestals that are popular are stone pedestals hand carved from a solid block of many stones including marble, granite, cobble, and travertine.


With the appropriate modern lighting you can brighten things up in style. Popular lighting fixtures include pendant lighting in many different styles including art glass, modern, traditional and ceiling mount lighting. Accent lighting serves as a great way to highlight bathroom décor and art. 

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