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Created by nature and skillfully crafted by stone bathroom sink artisans, each of these stone bathroom sinks are one of a kind in their own genuine beauty. Stone sinks are low maintenance and can last a lifetime. Bringing the tranquil elegance of natural stone indoors can awaken the senses and promote a feeling of well being.

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17in Diameter Cone Round Shape Free Standing Honey Yellow Onyx - Cone Shape - Natural Bathroom Vessel Sink 502 (SN- 502
Was: $249.95 - $354.90
Now: $159.95 - $264.90
Copenhagen Sinks 17 Diameter Round Honey Onyx Round Stone Bathroom Vessel Sink 221 (SN- 221 DK-Yellow Honey Onyx Round
Was: $279.95
Now: $209.95
Modern Abstract Shape Honey onyx DREAM Modern Natural Yellow Stone Vessel Bathroom Sink 222 (SN- 222 DK-Yellow Honey Ony
Was: $309.95 - $414.90
Now: $284.95 - $389.90

Stone bathroom sinks are an excellent choice for homeowners and bathroom designers because they are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also durable making stone sinks an ideal choice. DreamFixtures.com hand carves each stone bathroom sink from a solid block of natural stone resourced responsibly. The quality of DreamFixtures.com's stone vessel sinks reveal beautiful natural detail in the stone, brilliant natural minerals glimmering.  DreamFixtures.com's promise is of offering outstanding quality stone products at undefeated prices.

DreamFixtures.com stone sink manufacturers use a wide selection of stone types, including marble, granite and travertine. Marble having a delicate essence in its natural details yet strong in its material making it a wonderful choice to go with many of our marble vanity tops. Granite is one of the strongest stone materials we use, it offers superior lifetime use and comes in a variety of colors. Granite stone sinks are naturally scratch resistant and with proper care will last a lifetime. Travertine stone sinks we offer are naturally beautiful crafted by nature over thousands of years these sinks are cut and produced by highly skillful stone artisans and will be a wonderful addition to your bathroom.

Stone bathroom sinks brings the natural beauty of the outdoors into your home to enjoy. DreamFixtures.com  offers a wide selection of natural stone bathroom accessories, stone pedestals, and bathroom vanities that go excellent with our stone bathroom sinks. They all offer a unique and exquisite compliment to our stone sinks making them a luxurious addition to your bathroom.

Tips to Care for Your Stone Bathroom Sink

Even though stone sinks are naturally strong and durable, they nevertheless require basic maintenance.

  • Never use any harsh cleaners or chemicals on your stone sink.
  • Never use abrasive scrubs or pads to clean your sink.
  • Always use a soft clean cloth to clean your sink.
  • Use a mild soap to clean your sink.
  • You can use a mineral oil to shine your sink occasionally.
  • Clean your sink with water before using any cleaning solution.
  • A recommended cleaning agent Poultice can be used for staining.