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17 inch Hand Painted Multi Colored Glass Vessel Sink 317 (GL- 317 Abstract Multi- Colored Sink)
Was: $79.95 - $240.85
Now: $49.95 - $210.85
Copenhagen Sinks 17 inch Black and Silver Bathroom Glass Vessel Sink 375
Was: $99.95 - $260.85
Now: $79.95 - $240.85

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$89.95 - $255.85
14 small glass vessel sink clear

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As a highly reputable online distributor of modern home fixtures and products, dreamfixtures.com offers some of the most unique, artistic and contemporary style bathroom sinks in the world. dreamfixtures.com carefully selects every product that is sold to our customers; they must pass rigorous standards and uphold unique design, setting the product apart from the rest of the bathroom industry. dreamfixtures also negotiates the best possible deals when possible to make our bathroom fixtures some of the most affordable fixtures in the world.

Our premium glass sinks are made from toughened glass, which makes the glass up to 6 times more durable and strong than regular glass. Tempered glass is known for being far superior in durability than normal glass and is safer in that if it does by chance break; tempered glass crumbles rather than shattering into sharp shards making our glass vessel sinks much safer for you and others to use. dreamfixtures uses ultra thick premium tempered glass giving you piece of mind that your sink is safe to use.

How to Care for a Glass Vessel Sink
Your new glass sink are designed for years of trouble-free performance. These sinks are made from strong tempered glass which makes for a durable sink. However it is recommended to follow some basic guidelines to ensure a lifetime of trouble-free use.

  • Only use a soft cloth to clean your glass sink, never use steel wool or other abrasive scrubs.
  • Avoid using abrasive or harsh chemical cleaners, only use water and a mild soap to clean your sink.
  • Avoid damage to your vessel sink by not over tightening the drain, placing sharp or heavy objects into the sink or pouring boiling water down the sink, these actions may cause irreversible damage.


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