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Products > Bathroom Faucets > Faucets - Waterfall Glass > Waterfall Faucet with Upgrade Stone or Glass Disk Added SET

Looking for some color ?  Unique Style ?  Match your bathroom decor or your sink ? 

Try these bathroom waterfall faucets with upgraded / changed disks in a wide variety of colors and styles. 

These sets take our bathroom waterfall faucet and change the glass to a unique colored designer style in many of our colored glass or stone disk styles.  The original clear disk is changed for you so you just take your faucet and pre-installed selected disk and faucet set out of the box and install in your countertop. 

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Polished Chrome Tall Waterfall Faucet & Blue Cobalt Aqua UPGRADED Glass Disk SET 1 (SET FT- BM20T-CH + Aqua Blue Custom
$139.95 - $171.95